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We provide the best technology specialists on the market to inject the right know how required by the customer’s work teams

We help customer to build their DevOps infrastructure Improve their product quality through integration testing, CI / CD and security

With over 20 years in the field the Izylife expertise is at customer service to help them to get their full potential through tailored software solutions.

Agile is the best to shorten the release path in order to have a working core of the application in the shortest possible time. If the analisys is not able to highlight all the application aspects a ProofOfConcept (POC) is very useful to fully understand the proces and to estimate the effort. Izylife Agile philosophy is to create a core of working feature as fast as possible, then to improve to the final release. This approach works very well in reducing the initial complexity of the application flow.
Angular framework used as common application framework for every Izylife project, ensures very rich, reliable and stable code. With Ionic you can easily create a web application, android app or iphone app, with complete portability. With Electron you can easily create platform independent applications for desktops with Windows, Linux or MacOS.
A careful UX design ensure fast processes and customer satisfation. Angular components, services and pipes are structured to be stable and reliable. Bootstrap makes easy to create very attractive layouts faster
The test environment is the key to ensuring the software quality, and its stability during the improvement processes. Particularly important is the integration test that manages to simulate the entire process. Izlylife puts the integration testing into the CI / CD pipeline using docker as a working environment. Fast, modular, reliable.